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Scotty Jams is back! I know you missed it.


I had this site all developed at one point but it never felt quite right. So, I took it down and diversified it's content elsewhere. Since then, I've been sitting on this domain wondering why I'm even keeping it. I guess because I've always liked the simplicity of the name and how well it fits me. Always hoping one day I would think of something that made sense to use it for and bring it back. But, I didn't want to just have another site for the sake of having another site.

Finally, after having it for years, an actual use case scenario came up. It was one that found me rather than me going out looking for it. When I was sending songs to publishing companies and websites they all had a requirement for a record label field. It came to me pretty instantly. I knew exactly what to write in the field. It was "Scotty Jams." I knew also at that very moment that that would inspire me to get back to working on this site and bringing it back to life so it has a purpose.

But, I've also been dragging my feet on it because I've been dreading writing up all the content for it. It really wasn't that hard to come up with. Procrastination is such an evil nemesis. I've been pushing myself these last few days to get it all together. Even at the time of writing this it's not completely ready to go online. But, it's close enough that I wanted to go ahead and prepare this blog post. You see, part of the way this site is built it functions better if it has some blog posts on it.

Anyways, so yeah, there's not much more to say than that. I've finally spent the time to get this together and get it online. I'm not expecting huge amounts of traffic. But, it feels like finished part of a larger system overall. I'm interested to see how it develops over time as I come back to add to it little by little.

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