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How to Donate to Scott's Creative Efforts


Well, the short answer is Patreon! I've made one user account under the name ScoDal that I will be using as a hub to share all things that I create. So, if you click the link and don't see Scotty Jams right away, don't worry, you're in the right place.

I don't want anyone to feel pressured into donating. It just seems like a really cool service that I see a lot of people are using and I should probably get on board as well.

My mission as an artist and creator:

I've been creating things online for a very long time. One of the worst parts about being creative is all of the tedious organization that comes with it. It's taken me years of trial and error to finally get the workflow correct. This means for many years I was creating things but not really understanding how to organize any of it online. So, I'm being proactive to have everything in place so I can focus more on staying creative and less on worrying about where things go when I'm done.

There will always be new music coming out, which will be notified here and on many other pages and social media accounts around the web. But, also, I've got everything set up to properly stream and record other types of content as well. With the click of a button I can now start making online gameplay videos, commentary videos, reaction videos, and even podcasts. As I get more and more familiar with my workflow I plan to start introducing friends into the videos sometimes.

The idea of donations will help me be able to use more of my time staying focused on what I think I was put on the Earth to do. That is create. Life can be hard and get in the way, and often when it does it stumps my creativity. This isn't a complaint, just a way of life and dealing with that balance. I'm taking action to get myself away from the things I don't love doing as much and fit into being able to do more of what I love.