Record Label

Digital Innovation


I am constantly learning and keeping up with all the latest trends and tricks of the trade when it comes to digital innovation when creating new musical works. There is way more to it than it seems like. So much goes on behind the scenes of creating one song than it would seem. That's the point though isn't it? To put in lots of work to create something that becomes easy to enjoy without thinking much about how it was made.

But, beyond just keeping up with the latest trends and tricks, there are times I cannot find the perfect solution to what I'm trying to accomplish and so I've come up with my own methods to solve those problems. I think these unique systems I've created for myself are what make my style of music stand out.

When it comes to actual hardware that I use to create, well, I have a lot. It's been evolving constantly since the first song I made.

Audio Equipment

I have two Yamaha keyboards. Both of which I can record directly through Line-In or with USB. I have two professional Shure mics and one professional Senneheiser mic. It also seemed a good idea to look at what audiophiles considered to be some of the best headphones on the market and I went for a really nice pair of audio-technica headphones. Then there's also my bongos, egg shakers, guitar, ukulele, and acoustic bass guitar. I'd like to get a few more instruments, but with all of these running through my 8 channel Yamaha mixer I've been able to produce an incredibly wide arrange of sounds that has satisfied me for quite a while. But, I'm always trying to expand my access to sounds.


I suppose mentioning the Yamaha mixer is a bit of an overlap in this category. But, I feel it counts. Beyond that I have what most would consider to be a very complicated convoluted integrated system of many computers that all work as one. I built all of the computers and connected them in this particular way so it works for me. In other words, it was by design, not just to make a mess. I would run into little problems here and there and I figured out a way around all of them. I have one master chair, mouse and keyboard and I can work with all of the equipment simultaneously.

To anyone that was hoping I'd be more precise... I sit in a technology circle with two digital pianos to my left, 6 monitors in front of me, and 4 main computers that are interconnected. It's not like I did anything magical. They don't share processor power and I didn't connect any motherboards together or something unnatural like that. But the way the cameras and audio equipment run through them all make it so I can capture things from or with all of them kind of make one workflow using them all. It is also nice to be able to give an individual PC a task and let it work really hard on that one thing without slowing me down on another computer or another task.

I also have a home server with an insane amount of storage and room to add more. But, at the moment I'm only using 50% of it so I haven't felt the need to add any more yet. I guess it's all relative whether or not the amount I have is actually "insane" but the server alone has close to 30TB. That's a lot for me at the moment. Plus, each of those 4 computers have a 2TB secondary hard drive just cause it seemed nice to have those. So, that's another 8TB but I don't use it for server storage.