Record Label

Who are the artists of Scotty Jams?


There are two artists on the Scotty Jams label. If you haven't figured out already from looking around on the website, they are DJ Spoof and ScoDal. You can read more in depth about who they are and the differences between their music styles on the about page.

Brief Artist History

The brief history is that I, Scott Dallas Espenschied, started writing music when I was about 11 or 12 years old and started going by the name DJ Spoof. My music was very rough around the edges and I would consider it experimental. But, because of the lack of professional instruments or software I had it made me get creative. I was able to make a lot of electronic sounds. Over the years this style evolved as I was able to purchase better equipment.

When I was an adult I realized my music style had shifted a lot. It was more acoustic and vocal. This was a completely different direction than DJ Spoof. But, sometimes I still liked to do an experimental electronic song without any lyrics or words. So, I split the two artists so I could make songs for each depending on my mood.

Will There Be More Artists on the Scotty Jams Label?

This website exists mostly out of necessity due to the way things are published online. I have no plans to create another digital artist personality nor do I have any plans to add anyone else to Scotty Jams that isn't me. So, in short, probably not. I'm not saying I'm not open to the idea, that just isn't something that's a priority at the moment.