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About This Website


This website serves as a hub for the two online artists ScoDal and DJ Spoof. But, wait a moment, you might be thinking aren't those both the same person behind the artist name? It's true. They are. Both artists are Scott Dallas Espenschied. But, the difference is in the styles of the music. Yes, I run this website and I make the music for both those artists. The need for this website came up when I started sharing my music on more platforms than just YouTube. There is a field for a record label that is mandatory. So, I decided that Scotty Jams would be the record label for my two brands of music.

What's the difference between ScoDal's music and DJ Spoof's music?

DJ Spoof was the first name I started sharing music online with all the way back in 1996. I was just a kid and I had very rudimentary knowledge of what I was doing and hardware to make it happen. But, through determination and persistence I've created a unique electronic music style. There aren't usually many lyrics. It gives me a place to be creative and write music without having to worry about also giving the song a bunch of lyrical meaning. I can let the notes and feel of the song stand for itself.

Note: That is not a picture of me in 1996. I couldn't find a picture of me that age. I might update this later if I find one.

ScoDal was the name I started sharing music with online a little later in life. I had noticed I was starting to write music occasionally that had more of me and my personality in it. There were more acoustic instruments and more vocals and singing. So, I've decided it would make sense for those kind of songs and projects to be separated.

This seems like it would be a silly or overwhelming thing, but it's actually relieving for me so I don't feel pressured to always have to have lyrics written out just to make a song.

TLDR: DJ Spoof has a more electronic sound with less lyrics. ScoDal, while still electronic, usually has more acoustic sounds, lyrics, and vocals.

Another small detail that may be of note to mention is that I'm a lot more active online as ScoDal everywhere rather than DJ Spoof. DJ Spoof is literally just a name I use for making music. ScoDal is my name, Scott Dallas, shortened and therefore feels more like it's actually me. It's too hard to try to be multiple places online at once. But, that being said, I do update the DJ Spoof Twitter once in a while.

Is Scotty Jams an artist?

No. Scotty Jams is not an artist. It was just something I came up with sort of out of necessity. But, there is a Scotty Jams YouTube channel which features all the new songs from both DJ Spoof and ScoDal as soon as they're released. This seemed an easier way to share my finished songs than managing two YouTube channels, which I had been doing previously.

What's the best ways to listen to ScoDal and DJ Spoof's music?

To listen to DJ Spoof, head over to my DJ Spoof website and all of the songs will be there as well as all of the appropriate social media links to follow and subscribe so you can always be notified when there is something new. To listen to ScoDal head over to my ScoDal website and just as with DJ Spoof you will find all of my songs and social media links there. Also, as previously mentioned, there is the Scotty Jams YouTube channel that features all of the songs from both DJ Spoof and ScoDal.